Power Decorating by David Puckering

Grab your shoulder pads everyone.  The 80’s are back!

80 Forescast_2.jpg

Interior trendsetters are already working with the 80’s influence as seen in the new product ranges from Jardan and Globe West…to name a few.  One thing is certain, it’s a broad interpretation of 80’s design. Spanning everything from pure artisan design (aka not for your everyday home) as seen by some of the pieces coming out of Bohinc Studio to soft, plump couches like Jardan’s Valley range.  This trend can work in almost any space from a frosty art gallery to a cosy family room.

Similarly this broad church approach is applied to the colour palate.  Bold, primary based colours for the more adventurous.  Colours such as Riot Red and Blue Cadet, both tipped to be a 2019 trend.  More sedate treatments include Cantaloupe, Neo Mint, natural terracotta and muted blues and aqua.  Grey is still a crucial grounding element….and not the flat grey seen across many an 80’s office.  Remember the combo?  Flat grey walls with a fire engine red trim somewhere.  Enchanting…can’t believe I begged my Mum to decorate my bedroom like that circa 1986!!  But then again, I also had a red Ferrari 308 GTS poster which was also highly out of character.  No, it’s natural and textured grey in the form of concrete, stone tiles and marble.  

For what it’s worth, I tend to lean to the more theatrical interpretation (surprise).  I always try to encourage my clients to live a bit more on the wild side and working with these crazy colours and designs can be a breeze if you remember to keep it simple.  For me, success lies in setting a few bold key pieces against a simple backdrop of white walls, concrete floors and keeping decorator to a minimum (I can’t believe I just said that!).  Instead go for great art and track lighting to add mood and stylish flair.

Fond memories of those 80’s Bette Midler comedies which seemed to feature huge minimalist mansions with a scattering of incongruous, bold art pieces warm my heart with this interior trend. The house from Ruthless People…#bliss.

A set from Ruthless People - seminal cinema….

A set from Ruthless People - seminal cinema….

Details, details. by David Puckering

Gersaimos Grammenos-100-Edit.jpg

Interior styling is all about the little things.

Sure couches, paint colours and surface finishes are critically important. But what makes a space inviting are the small elements of hospitality you can add that welcomes people into the space.  Whether they actually avail themselves of said gratuity doesn’t matter.  It’s the thought that counts.

It’s also a great styling opportunity!  My new favourite thing to include in my projects are glass and carafe sets…and none caught my eye more the Maison Balzac’s brightly coloured glass offerings.  Nestled on a decorator tray and placed on a bedside table or study desk, they look amay-zing as a decorator piece but also evoke that little touch of luxurious yesteryear hospitality that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.  

But of course I wouldn’t be me if I stopped there.  I always add a bowl of irresistibly exotic sweets, stylish decanters filled with amber coloured whiskey and scented candles all with the intention to engage all the sense and create a space that’s just daring you not to fall in love with it.

And yes, I do this in my own house and I haven’t had a single complaint…

#i_hate_scandi by David Puckering


I have a secret confession….Scandi.  Not a fan.

It is a trend that appeals to many and for that I tip my hat.  Millions of people worldwide can’t be wrong?  Perhaps it’s the soft, jovial DNA within scandi that has the ability to soothe and calm that has made it so darn ubiquitous.  Or perhaps it was the never ending push from retailers that took something kinda nice, homogenised it and then gave it an irresistible price point that made it the go-to trend for what seems like an eternity.  Who knows, and even though it dramatically improved the look of the average home (for which we can all be grateful), it’s not enough good will to make me embrace it.

Thankfully, in the midst of a multicoloured, natural wood frenzy the taste makers of the world have been in the lab quietly plotting a darker, moodier alternative.  

Enter “Cassis”.

An aphotic twist on the ever cheerful “dusty pink” and “blush”, the corner stones of the scandi palate (along with pale grey *insert eye roll here*), Cassis is a refreshingly moodier hue that sits somewhere between a dirty pink and purple. Its also flagged by the fortune-taste-tellers to be a big trend over the next few years.  

Hoo - RAH!

Cassis, along with “rubber plant” (basically forrest green to us mere mortals) could very well be the new “it” girls. And boy, do they look good together. Teamed up with linished or distressed brass and scorched wood accents it’s a winning combo that can be either luxe’d up by incorporating black marble and tactile velvet or toned down to a more grounded look by using more humble materials such as wool or linen.

Dark, brooding and super sexy, this is an androgynous scheme that has impact and is literally the goth antithesis to the ditsy blonde scandi look.  And it couldn’t have come sooner!

Time to embrace the darkness people!